We are BeSense

BeSense is more than just collecting data. Its strength lies in the complete system of smart sensors, user-friendly tools and a skilled team.

How do you get the most out of your building? That question has been at the heart of our company since it was founded in 2017. With BeSense we ensure optimum use of your building. It is a place where you can work comfortably and efficiently. And we make sure your building continues to develop and becomes increasingly smarter. BeSense brings balance into your building.

They are already working with BeSense

Offices, museums, universities, hospitals, stadiums; BeSense fits every building. As a result, the group of users is growing fast. These companies already work with BeSense.

Team BeSense

BeSense is a sum of smart sensors, software and people. A broad team covers all specialities and is ready for any question. We are BeSense!

Thomas Thunnissen


+31 (0)6 21 11 62 58

Henk Koelewijn

Sensors & maintenance

Wessel Dijk

Wessel Dijk

Implementation & maintenance

Pedro de Smit

IoT & sensors

Remco Ploeg

Platform & database

Ilona Kadmaijer

Customer management

Marcel Timmer


Eefke Hoefnagel

Marketing & communication

Tom Valks

Tom Valks


René Bont


+31 (0)6 55 41 62 41

Pleun Retera


+31 (0)6 81 36 08 25

Marthe Doornbos

Product owner

Marloes Hoekstra


Elke Wirtz

Cleaning & innovation

Kos Fourkiotis

Cleaning & innovation

Bas Melten

Sensors & maintenance

Lars van der Pluijm

Lars van der Pluijm

Customer Management

Firm roots

BeSense is an initiative of construction company Heijmans and cleaning company CSU. We work together with preferred partners such as Topdesk, Clickey and Koning & Hartman, Winvision, Flo-interactive and It-visors in order to be able to offer more complementary services in the future.

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Try out BeSense for 3 months

Seeing is believing. That is why you can test BeSense for free during 90 days. After we have met one and other, it will take just one day for us to install the demo-kit containing 10 BeThere sensors, a gateway and a BeComfort sensor. Have a real-time look at all the data, and after four weeks we will discuss the results. So, go and request the kit and we will be in touch with you shortly!

Read here how you can request a demo-kit.