This is how BeSense works

Imagine, a building that thinks along with you. That is no longer silent but talks back and shares information with you real-time. Does such a building exist? BeSense makes it possible.

BeSense in 1 minute

Every person is unique. While you are seeking out the dynamics, your colleague three seats away is in need of some peace and quiet. But every building is different as well. Large or small, new-build or monumental, fixed or flexi places. How do you get the most out of your building?

Bring balance into your building

BeSense’s wireless sensors measure the occupancy and use of workplaces, meeting rooms and toilets real-time and completely anonymous. It also measures the temperature, CO₂-level, light intensity, sound level and humidity. All data can be seen directly on your personal online dashboard.

To measure is to know

This way you will find out that a room that is heated day and night is occupied only 12% of the time. Or that the CO₂-level in meeting room X is often dangerously high, which affects the level of concentration. And cleaners will be walking a targeted route instead of a fixed route.

Safe and complete

The combination of sensors and software makes BeSense a smart total package. One that can be installed in a simple ‘plug & play’ manner. Functioning independently from both the existing IT-networks and WIFI thanks to its own safe LoRA network. And in case something still goes wrong, we offer 24/7 support.

Three tailormade solutions


The BeThere sensor measures the occupancy and use of workplaces and spaces in the building. The sensor is placed under a desk or in (meeting) rooms. BeThere provides insight into the use of spaces and if the building is used optimally. A different layout might result in a more efficient work manner and smarter use of your building!


  • Measures the presence and occupancy real-time
  • Provides insight into long-term use through collected data
  • Easy to monitor via an online dashboard
  • Shows employees which workplaces are free and which are occupied


The multifunctional BeComfort sensor measures, among other things, the temperature, humidity in a room and is attached to a wall at a height of 1,20 metres. BeComfort shows if employees are able to work under the right circumstances in the various spaces. By pressing a push-button in the sensor, employees can instantly report, for instance, a stain on the floor or a broken lamp.

BeComfort measures:

  • CO₂-level (oxygen in the air)
  • Light intensity
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Sound (acoustics)
  • Presence (occupied/free)


The cleaning APP automatically schedules a cleaning route based on the data collected by the sensors. As a result, cleaning is done more efficiently and faster, only in those places that really need to be cleaned. This way, we will have time left for other tasks.


  • A tablet APP for the cleaners, including a manual
  • Route indicates which places need to be cleaned and which do not
  • Shows exactly what work needs to be done: vacuuming, mopping, wiping or possible skipping any work
  • This way, there will be more room to help office workers even better
  • The APP can also be used for reporting purposes

BeSense grows in tandem

Just like the building, BeSense is continuously evolving. It can easily be expanded with extra sensors and functionalities. And thanks to smart collaborations, we are also continuously developing new functionalities and connections. For instance, measuring the energy use of your complete building or different levels, Legionella detection or a connection with FMIS. BeSense is becoming smarter and smarter. Just like your building.

How much do I save with BeSense?

The merits of BeSense are diverse. Thanks to new insights, you will be more efficient with regards to space, energy and (cleaning) costs. This way, 500 workplaces could already result in a 5% cost saving. An average workplace costs €10.000 on average per year. In this case, BeSense would yield €250.000 (25 workplaces). And that while the costs for BeSense constitute less than 20% of this saving!

Try out BeSense for 3 months

Seeing is believing. That is why you can test BeSense for free during 90 days. After we have met one and other, it will take just one day for us to install the demo-kit containing 10 BeThere sensors, a gateway and a BeComfort sensor. Have a real-time look at all the data, and after four weeks we will discuss the results. So, go and request the kit and we will be in touch with you shortly!

Read here how you can request a demo-kit.