Philips Stadium

Stadium usage has its highs and lows. How intensely is the Philips Stadion actually used? And what does this mean for cleaning? Peter Fossen, board member at PSV, wants to get answers to these questions with BeSense.

Customer story

PSV is striving to have the most innovative stadium in the Netherlands. Peter said, “We are not strangers to innovations. The Philips Stadion was the first Eredivisie stadium in the Netherlands to install dynamic LED pitch lighting. This is a leading innovation that adds a completely new dimension to the experience in the stadium. PSV was the first club in the Netherlands to use special lighting to keep the turf in top condition. Now, we are the first club in the Netherlands that will work with the innovative BeSense sensor technology.”

Not a standard office

The usage rate of a stadium is very different to a normal office environment. In the Philips Stadion, roughly 35,000 supporters come every two weeks to watch a football match. “At these times, the occupancy rate of our business rooms is much higher. Even my office is in a room like this, which is transformed into a business room for twelve guests before a football match. As a result, we are trying to be more efficient with our use of space. There are companies that use their Business Room on a daily basis, whereas others just use it for meetings. The rooms are used for a range of reasons. With BeSense, we want to gain more insight into how high the usage is and what this means for our cleaning processes.”

- One of the Business Rooms in the Philips Stadium.
- One of the Business Rooms in the Philips Stadium.

Cleaning app

“The quality of cleaning is very important to us and our guests. We must always ensure that the rooms are in tip-top condition. We now work with cleaning lists and inspections. With BeSense, we have a tool to make cleaning more efficient. Rooms that have not been used do not need to be cleaned. With the data from the sensors, the cleaning app automatically determines the cleaning route. In addition, our cleaners can use the app to easily report if, for instance, something is broken.”

"We now work with cleaning lists and inspection rounds. With BeSense we now have a tool to make the cleaning more efficient."

– Peter Fossen

“Maybe the outcome over a few months will be that our cleaners will use the available time more efficiently or carry out extra activities which are required at the time. Will we possibly apply levels to the type of cleaning? This is something we want to test over the coming months with CSU.”

- BeSense sensors provide insight into the occupation and use of various spaces in the Philips stadium.
- BeSense sensors provide insight into the occupation and use of various spaces in the Philips stadium.

Comfortable working

“BeSense must improve the core processes of our facilities service. In addition to cleaning, we are looking at the occupation and utilisation of our work spaces in the office, the Business Rooms, the toilets and the conference rooms. We will also measure the comfort in a number of rooms. We want our staff to work in a pleasant, healthy work environment. Air quality, air humidity and a cosy temperature are essential for this. We will look at what the results from BeSense can contribute to the well-being of our employees.”


“Heijmans and CSU are long-term sponsors of PSV and like us, place high priority on practical innovation. That has also been the reason to begin using BeSense. We want to work together and contribute to the innovative strength of our sponsors and also show that PSV is striving to be an innovative enterprise. We are happy to open up our stadium for this.”

“The sensors have only just been hung and CSU will actively use the cleaning app from February. It is still difficult for us to guess what the results will deliver exactly, but I have every trust our sponsors Heijmans and CSU shall see promising results.”

Peter Fossen

Management member PSV

Elke Wirtz

Cleaning & innovation
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