COMM – Museum for Communication

BeSense is also interesting for a museum. That was quickly apparent to Rob van Duijn, partner at Vijverborgh Hospitality Adviseurs. As a true host, he saw how it worked in ‘the BeSense flagship store’.

Customer story

In COMM – Museum for Communication in The Hague, BeSense is installed for facilities management, museum equipment and the catering service. It works slightly differently to an average service environment. That is what makes it so great for Rob. He said, “COMM is a little bit of a strange client because we can see that you can do so much more with BeSense than measure occupancy and use.”

Hospitality = building management

“We are looking beyond cleaning and moving furniture. With the refreshed hospitality concept of the museum, we have merged the entrance, the museum shop, the café and the museum space. We want to run a museum, open a club with meeting rooms and offer a successful catering service. You can only achieve this if you all know how the building is used. BeSense keeps track of this. We are adjusting the use of the building to our aims.”

Sensors among the collection

What began with making cleaning more efficient with CSU has expanded to having a complete insight into how the museum works. As a result, ambient and movement sensors have been installed in the collection. “We know what our top three attractions are, where people stand the longest and which pieces are overlooked. We can also monitor air humidity on a daily basis in the app.”

"We know what our top three attractions are, where people stay the longest and which parts are skipped."

– Rob van Duijn

With all the data from BeSense, COMM wants to manage expectations outside about what the museum is like on the inside. For example, by providing information about how busy the museum is at certain times near the entrance or on the website. “Motivating people with information that they cannot get for themselves standing by the door. That is what you care about as a visitor. BeSense must shortly be part of the museum experience.”

Favourite coffee table and meeting room

We can easily chart the turnover of the catering service. However, the way in which you can improve the experience and the turnover with the help of data is very interesting. Where do people prefer to sit and what is the occupancy rate at certain points in time? “There are now sensors under every table that measure this. So, we know whether we need to adjust something and when and where cleaning is required. We do the same thing in meeting rooms. Which room is occupied the most at which time? Is this due to the facilities or the location? We can adjust our opening times and cleaning to it.”

More to communicate

The next challenge is to combine all messages about building management in BeSense, such as IT, facilities issues, the café and cleaning. Is there a stain on a chair? Is the interactive screen broken? “I don’t want to just send messages to CSU, but also other specific issues to our Hospitality Duty Management. Then we can all work to create an optimum experience at COMM. When we can tick off all tasks in BeSense with done, then we will have a highly efficient log.”

Simplicity is key

BeSense provides an analysis tool to ask each other the right questions. “You cannot predict some issues in advance. And analysing is only interesting if it is easy to do. BeSense provides that simplicity. You see straight away what is and isn’t working and we can make the museum nicer for our guests. It gives you a boost, but there is still work to be done. The longer we measure, the better the data. So, take a look inside and find out for yourself because this is very interesting for other museums.”

Rob van Duijn

Partner Vijverborgh

Marthe Doornbos

Customer & analysis
+31 (0)6 52 41 77 40

Try out BeSense for 3 months

Seeing is believing. That is why you can test BeSense for free during 90 days. After we have met one and other, it will take just one day for us to install the demo-kit containing 10 BeThere sensors, a gateway and a BeComfort sensor. Have a real-time look at all the data, and after four weeks we will discuss the results. So, go and request the kit and we will be in touch with you shortly!

Read here how you can request a demo-kit.