Before we start, it is important to know a few things about our approach and what is expected of you.

Contents demo-kit

The demo-kit consists of 11 sensors, 10 BeThere and 1 BeComfort, plus a Gateway (data receiver). Here you will find more information on the various sensors.


After you have requested a demo-kit, we will contact you to plan an introduction. During this introduction, we will provide information on BeSense and discuss what you would like to achieve with it. Is BeSense an interesting solution for both parties? Then we will plan the installation. The outcome of the introduction could also be that we will not be installing the demo-kit.

Building floor plan

We need a floor plan in order to install the sensors in the right places. That is all! During and after we have met, we will have a look at the building and decide where the sensors will be installed.


We will make an appointment to install the demo-kit. BeSense is a wireless system and is installed independently from the existing IT-network. Something we will simply do while the employees are working. We will not disturb anyone and will be gone again before you know it! After the installation, we will discuss by phone if it was done to your satisfaction. The 3-month test period will then start.

Communicate about privacy

Employees highly value their privacy. Installing a sensor below a desk can feel like an invasion of someone’s privacy. What is being measured? Will my employer be able to see how much time I spend at my desk? Does the sensor detect my trips to the toilet? Prior to the installation, it is important to share with the employees that the data that is being collected is anonymous and that BeSense does not registrate individuals. This would prevent any ‘hassle’ during the installation. If you wish, we will talk to the Works Council to inform all parties about the system and convince them that it is safe.


After two months, we will create a report and come by to discuss the initial results. The report will consist of a trend analysis and possible recommendations. Do you want to discuss the analysis earlier on because of a specific question? Then we will set an appointment within a month after the installation.

Continue with BeSense?

Does BeSense help you achieve the targets you had set? Would you want to use it on a larger scale? Then at the end of the test period, we will look at the possibilities and further detailing. If BeSense does not meet the predetermined targets, we will discuss the feedback and remove the sensors. No problem, no hassle.

Any questions still?

Pleun Retera

+31 (0)6 81 36 08 25

Try out BeSense for 3 months

Seeing is believing. That is why you can test BeSense for free during 90 days. After we have met one and other, it will take just one day for us to install the demo-kit containing 10 BeThere sensors, a gateway and a BeComfort sensor. Have a real-time look at all the data, and after four weeks we will discuss the results. So, go and request the kit and we will be in touch with you shortly!

Read here how you can request a demo-kit.