BeSense onderdeel van innovatieve pilot Hotel Casa Amsterdam

The pilot brings together information from the 4suites, BeSense and LEVIY platforms.

9 MAY 2018

BeSense partner CSU and Hotel Casa Amsterdam are launching an innovative pilot to make cleaning more efficient, reduce the work load and optimise the hotel experience. Implementing digitalisation processes – for access, measuring usage rate, building managing and planning – offers a range of benefits. Combining the systems creates an intelligent solution that will elevate the service and customer experience to a higher level.

Around-the-clock measuring and analysing

Digitalisation makes matters measurable. Which room is occupied? Is the room comfortable? Is cleaning required or not? CSU and Hotel Casa Amsterdam will learn from all the information that the various digital systems provide. Robert Goudappel, director of Hotel Services at CSU said, “Around-the-clock measuring and analysing relevant data will make cleaning even more efficient. In addition, we can plan our work in such a way that the hotel guest barely notices thanks to intelligent systems. This has a positive influence on the customer experience, which is a major requirement in the hotel industry.”

Real-time insight

The pilot combines information from the 4suites, BeSense and LEVIY platforms. This means a complete digitisation of a large proportion of the primary processes in the hotel. Thanks to real-time insight, the hotel staff can further enhance the customer experience. The data also delivers valuable input for further analysis and optimalisation. CSU will utilise this new knowledge in future projects in the hotel industry and beyond.

Marco Peeters, operations manager at Hotel Case adds, “I want to gain greater insight with BeSense. We have that in the hotel rooms, yet particularly in public spaces, such as toilets, the lobby and conference rooms, we don’t have a proper insight into the usage rate. The test with BeSense will help to make the cleaning of these rooms as effective as possible. By measuring, we can also make better choices about the right time to clean.”

Marthe Doornbos

Marthe Doornbos

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