5 benefits of BeSense

BeSense brings balance into your building. We are convinced about that. Therefore, we will list the five benefits of BeSense.

1. More insight into your building

BeSense measures the use of, for instance, workplaces, meeting rooms and toilets real-time and anonymously. Our monthly reports will provide you with a detailed insight into how the building is used. Which is convenient as it prevents discussions on a shortage of workplaces or the climate within the building.

2. Easy to start

BeSense functions independently from the existing IT-network. Wireless data communication runs via its own LoRa Network and is not connected to a company network or WIFI. The system is installed within one day. We will provide facility managers and cleaners with a short training on how to use BeSense.

3. Grows in tandem with your building

BeSense can easily be expanded. Without any hassle. Both in volume (number of sensors) and in applications (new functionalities). For instance, measuring the energy use of your complete building or of different levels, Legionella detection or a connection with FMIS. BeSense is becoming smarter and smarter. Just like your building.

4. Save housing costs

Thanks to new insights, you will be more efficient with regards to space, energy and (cleaning) costs. Smart facility management will ultimately result in a cost saving. This way, 500 workplaces could already result in a 5% cost saving, while the costs for BeSense constitute less than 20% of this saving. You also gain more comfort. A healthy work environment increases the level of performance, lowers absenteeism and increases employee satisfaction.

5. Comprehensive solution

BeSense is a combination of software + hardware + service; a comprehensive solution, guided from A – Z. Personal attention is needed in order to have BeSense work in the best possible way. That is why, we will provide you with a regular contact who will guide you during the implementation, management and analysis of BeSense. This way, you will get the most out of your investment.

Try out BeSense for 3 months

Seeing is believing. That is why you can test BeSense for free during 90 days. After we have met one and other, it will take just one day for us to install the demo-kit containing 10 BeThere sensors, a gateway and a BeComfort sensor. Have a real-time look at all the data, and after four weeks we will discuss the results. So, go and request the kit and we will be in touch with you shortly!

Read here how you can request a demo-kit.